2021 Board of Directors

President: Johnny Tucker

Vice President: Jason Whitis

Treasurer:  Robert James

Secretary: Patrick Robinson

Women’s Chair: Julie Waits

Young Farmer Chair:  Danielle Milbern

Past President: Brennan Gilkison

At Large: Walter Hillenmeyer  

2021 Directors

Robert Botkin

Nick Carter

Todd Clark

Dan DeZarn 

Bonnie Eads

Dr. John Gray 

Patrick Higginbotham

Bob James 

Katie James

Jill Mahan

Patrick McNutt

Phil Meyer 

Chris Riggs

Larry Ryan

Kevin Welsh

Billy Van Pelt 

Stacy Vincent


Executive Director - Carrie McIntosh

Carrie is the Executive Director of the Federation and has been with us for over 20 years. Holding our organization together Carrie is the driving force behind the Federation.

Marketing and Membership Coordinator - Paige Mattingly

Paige is a recent graduate from the University of Kentucky receiving 2 Bachelors in Accounting and Agricultural Economics and has been with us for over a year.