Producer Profiles

Started about 22 years ago, Mrs. Janet Peyton of Peyton Plant Farms in Lexington, KY shares a little bit about her mum operation.


4th Generation Farmer, John Tucker, of Tucker Farms shares his story about his tobacco, beef, grain, and goat operation in Lexington, KY. And also shares a little bit about his connection with Farm Bureau.

1st Generation Farmer, Todd Clark, of Clark Family Farms shares a little bit about his story in producing local agricultural products for restaurants in Lexington, KY on his operation.

Graphic and Web Designer, Katie James, shares about her unique role in the agricultural industry and just how her CSA is serving the local communities.

Associate Professor of Agricultural Education at the University of Kentucky, Stacy Vincent, shares his background in the education industry and just how he transforms the future generations of agriculturalist.

Mr. Brennan Gilkison of Gilkison Farms,  shares a little bit about his diverse operation in Winchester, KY.

Mr. Jay Busby of Bluegrass Stockyards offers some insight into the agribusiness side of the agricultural industry through his producer profile on the cattle auction business.

Chef Series

Executive Chef, Josh Smouse, of Honeywood Restaurant located in the Summit at Fritz Farm shares how his restaurant incorporates the farm to table experience along with farmer David Wagnor of Three Springs Farm.

Melissa Jackson and CJ Pritt, owners of Doodles Breakfast and Lunch, share about their role in the Farm to Table movement and how they partner with local farmers such as, Todd Clark of Clark Family Farms, to provide the Kentucky Proud cuisine they serve.

John Foster, Co-Owner of The Sage Rabbit, contributes some insight into his restaurant and how he uses local farmers to also contribute to the Farm to Table aspect of his restaurant.

Cole Arimes, owner of Epping’s on Eastside, also sharing Epping’s story about how they incorporate locally sourced food into their kitchen and what they serve to their customers.

Celebrating 38 years of delicious food, Executive Chef, Mark Richardson, of Dudley’s on Short shares how he loves incorporating locally sourced food and shares just how he does that at Dudley’s.

Located in the Heart of the Distillery District in Lexington, KY,  Owner Mark Jenson of Middlefork Kitchen Bar allows insight into his restaurant and how he also utilizes his connections with farmers to provide locally sourced food.

COVID-19 Impacts

COVID-19 had has a huge effect on the agricultural industry. Our equine industry is a huge economic driver in Fayette County. We have teamed up with several leaders in the KY equine industry to provide you with impacts on this signature industry during this time.

Bringing you all the information you need to know about the Kentucky Beef Industry. Professionals from across the industry answer your questions surrounding the uncertainty the market has felt since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.